QMDs and other adventures
* QMDs are Quality Mountain Days. That's Nic's speciality. Would you like to climb a mountain? Need a guide? Give him a call and turn a mountain day into a Quality Mountain Day.
*Are you more interested in the journey than the destination? Nic has been guiding walks for years. Wildlife, geology, landforms, photography are all part of a day out. Come and explore some Amazing Places.
*Would you prefer a stroll and a picnic? Come on a Kelly Adventure. The Kelly storm kettle will brew up in a lovely spot, and we can enjoy the walk there and back. You can even buy your own Kelly Kettle!
  1. Quality Mountain Days
    Whether you are in training for an expedition or a qualification or you are just wanting to explore the wilds, Nic can help you to get the most out of your day(s) in the mountains. Regularly guiding in the Cairngorms for the last 20 years, Nic has also completed long treks across the Highlands and is a great fund of stories, tips and knowledge about almost anything you will come across.
  2. Log book days
    Anyone in training for a Mountain Leader Award needs a log book of QMDs. This is the evidence you have practised the skills in various parts of the country that will stand you in good stead when being assessed and qualified. A QMD with Nic puts you in the hot seat. It's like having a driving instructor. See the Blog page "What's a QMD?"
  3. Overnights and long trips
    Cape Wrath Trail? Trotternish? Knoydart? These are big places with all the complication of taking overnight gear as well as the normal mountain skills. Nic has been through all these places and can find the best ways for you to enjoy them too. He can let you do the leading and keep an eye on how things are going.
  4. "How did that get there?"
    There are few places better than Skye and Wester Ross to see how the world became the shape it is today. Find out about how the rocks were formed, the immense effect of the Ice Ages, and the way the rocks affect everything living on them. Whether it's a fun ramble down to a cave or a field trip for students. Nic can help with technicalities, as well as safety.
  5. "We'd love to see an ..."
    Otter? Eagle?, or... You choose, Nic and Judith will have a good idea of where to take you. Of course, there are no guarantees! Nevertheless, Skye, Lochalsh and Wester Ross have some tremendous wildlife watching opportunities, and even if you don't see the main thing you came to see, there are always lots of other great things to look out for.
  6. "We haven't got all day"
    No worry. We can meet you at your accommodation within 30 miles of Kyle of Lochalsh and have a part-day with you which will probably make you wish you did have all day! Families, coach tours and educational groups all catered for, whether walking, listening to a talk or just watching the view somewhere beautiful.
  7. Kelly Adventures
    See the internet blog The Adventures of Kelly (https://adventuresofkellyblog.wordpress.com/) in which the eponymous storm kettle relates a whole range of escapades, from lazing on the local beach to full days out on a mountain. You are welcome to join in one of these adventures, enjoy the walk and have a brew made with hot water from the real Kelly. We can even sell you a brand new Kelly of your own!
  8. Navigation
    You have a map and a compass, but do you know how to use them? Nic has been teaching navigation and map reading for years and has the knack of explaining things very clearly so that even the most un-confident person can hold the map the right way up and decide where to walk with no difficulty. Navigation error is the main cause of deferrment on leadership assessments.
  9. Music
    What do you do in the winter? People ask. There is no shortage of excuses to go out exploring, but also the Bullivants both play instruments in the Skye and Lochalsh Orchestra. Nic writes music in his spare time. You can hear some of Nic's music here.